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Do you like Rilakkuma and friends by San-X?

product description

After our trip to Tokyo, meeting different suppliers there.  We are excited to announce that we currently stock lots of kawaii and special stationery from them.

One of the most popular one are from San-X and it is the Rilakkuma bear.

Rilakkuma in Japanese means ‘Relax bear’ or ‘bear in a relaxed mood’. So the name already tells you the most important thing about the little bear. He loves to lay around, being lazy, relaxing, snacking and enjoys his life. This is why you always see him lounging on pillows, meadows, chairs, relaxing in cafes and so on. Rilakkuma totally loves food, so you’ll see him eat a lot. Some of his favourite dishes are pancakes, omelettes, dumplings and puddings. He also enjoys listening to music or watching TV.

Rilakkuma has a mysterious zipper on his back and you see a white cloth with blue polka dots when you open it, still nobody knows what’s inside Rilakkuma. Rilakkuma is most of the time surrounded by his friends Korilakkuma bear and Kiiroitori chick.


The little white bear Korilakkuma is a friend of Rilakkuma. She also wears a red button on her chest. Kiiroitori fictionally named her Korilakkuma because she looks like little Rilakkuma ("ko" means a little child in Japanese.). She is a little naughty and like to play jokes on Rilakkuma.


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