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Post Planner or Hootsuite?

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I need to manage a lot of posts as the only owner of this website and an etsy shop (charmtape), on a daily basis I need to answer customers' inquiries, write new listings, take photos of the new products, order new products, pack customers' orders, blog and manage a few social media accounts.  As I always struggle to blog and manage a few accounts at the same time, I try to fill easier ways to do so.  As I have been eyeing on both Post Planner and Hootsuite for some time and then I am finally ready to pay my hard earn cash on them.  I had done a few researches on both and I feel Post Planner is much more suitable for me as I use Facebook page and twitter much more often than other.  Plus Post Planner give you some content which will make my life so much easier.

You can also actually look for viral photos, filter them in different useful ways, and then in one click, schedule them into your different pages.  I had also look at this YouTube video of bluecowcreative:

and a few others also helps me to choose Post Planner because it is easy to use.  Anyway got to go now to update my website.  Hope you will have a lovely day!

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