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The Bears' School

"The bears' school" is an extremely popular series of picture books that were created by Hiroyuki Aihara (author) and Nami Adachi (illustrator).

The Story

On top of a mountain there are 12 bear cubs that live in a school dormitory. The first 11 are all boy cubs. Although 'Jackie,' the 12th bear cub, is the only girl among them, she is the protagonist of this story. Jackie is full of energy, and mischievous and curious by nature. Surrounded by her caring older brothers, her days are filled with pleasure. One day she heads off on a journey with her brothers and encounters a solitary little girl bear cub named 'Keity.' They soon become best friends, but Keity is frail and becomes ill. To help Keity become well again, Jackie and her bear cub brothers must begin a perilous adventure...