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All 9 Colors Chunky Squishy Foam Block Slime Chunk Pieces, Foam for Slime, 15 grams each pack


You will get one 15 gram bag measuring 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches (averaging 60 to 85 pieces of foam).

Enough for a lot of slime making
Material: Polystyrene. These chunks are light, are perfect if you want something like a squishy in your slime, you can re squish them again and again in your slime because they are not like jelly cubes that break after the first squish you make,and are also very affordable and fun to play with. It will keep the shape after mixed into your slime

Keep away from young children and pets.

colors to choose from:
style 1: 9 packs

style 2: 6 packs

-dark pink







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