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Cat Kitty UV Resin Mold, Resin Shaker Mold, Epoxy, Shaker Mold Silicone Silicon flexible mold S050

This mold is made of flexible silicone in semi-transparent color. 

This is a 3 parts mold, which allow you to make shaker charms! This shaker charms can use to decorate phones.

Measurement: approx. 4.5cm (W) x 3.7cm (L) / 1.77" (W) x 1.46" (L)

Shaker Mold is quite easy to make:

How to use:

1. Make 2 pieces of the backing part and 1 piece of the frame part.

2. Glue the frame with one of the backing and add embellishments, liquid, etc.

3. Seal it with the other backing part.


- You can mix distilled water and clear glue to make the waterfall liquid, recommend to have the mixture frozen before you seal the shaker, it is less messy this way

- Not recommended to fill up the shaker with baby oil as this shaker is too shallow

- You need to use UV resin or UV glue to glue all the components together

★ No releasing agent is needed, finished work can be easily pop out easily from the mold.

★ Can be washed with hot, soapy water. But do not wash mold with abrasive pads or cleaning agents.

General notes on how to use our mold, if you use them correctly it can last a long time:

- Our Molds can withstand temperature from -40 to +210°C ( from -40 to +410° F), so it is possible to bake clay in the mold. 
- Silicone forms are made to work with polymer clay, gypsum, soap, wax etc. 
- It is non-toxic, but this is not food graded so it is not meant for using with food.
- We advice you to wash forms with a soft sponge and liquid soap. 
- We do not recommend to pierce or cut the mold. 
- We recommend to bake complicated cameos and flowers together with a mold and remove it only after the full cooling. You must remove the product from the mold 
very carefully, at first slightly bend from the edges, then easy press on the center of the mold and remove the product. 
- Do not bend molds in half! 
- The color of mold may vary. 
- After baking the polymer clay in complex or deep molds remove the finished product under the running water with soap.

♥ Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

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