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Hello Kitty Chocolate Egg Squishy cellphone charm by Sanrio - Gold


Hello Kitty Chocolate Egg Squishy Charm


7.5 x 8 cm

Cute soft sponge charm with chain

We are addicted to squeeze this squishy.
These squishies are of soft quality and are textured (e.g. with small dimples, dents etc.), which is part of the design. Small cracks/tears may appear in squishies such as these, in areas such as folds, ridges, on the sides and/or sections where plastic molds meet, due to molds used during production. This is normal on these types of squishies.

Please note: Also as a result of production processes used to create squishies, small imperfections may appear on this item such as dust, discoloration, patches of another color, small bubbles/air pockets, small holes, colored dots, marks etc.

Please remember not to stretch these squishies too much, in order to prevent damaging it.

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