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Iridescent polarized Mermaid Resin Color Pigment - Colorant Dye for UV Resin Coloring - 10g Liquid Pearl effect color pigment

This new product is just great, no more messy powder to clean up and this pearl gel pigment is super easy to mix with resin gel.

You can use it with AB epoxy resin or with our UV Resin. Mix and match the dyes to get your desired colors!

For a polarized effect to come up more, it is better to use a base coating of opaque black resin.

First coat the bezel settings with a layer of opaque Black Resin, with thickness of 1-2mm. Too thick black base layer will cause the polarized effect turn into white.
Once the bottom black layer is cured, you can add in the polarized Pigment 

Don't mix too much of the pigment, a little will go a long way.
Volume: 8-10g

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