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Rainbow Galaxy Jelly Whip Deco Cream - 50 gram (Free 1 tip) Fake Frosting


Rainbow Galaxy Whip are super pretty and glittery. Available in two colors: Rainbow Galaxy or Pastel rainbow galaxy
Both styles come with glitters or without.
These whips are made of water-based, entirely silicone-free and non-toxic.

They will look like jelly and dry semi- transparent.
Each whip come with a free tip, which will be randomly packed.

These are blended with several different colors to create a galaxy effect and you can use this whip to create galaxy mobile cases, containers and more.
Besides using them as decorative cream, they can also be use as part of a charm, to create the realistic whip cream effect.

Though they do not hold as much details nor dried as rubbery as silicone, they are as close as silicone yet non-toxic!

Usage instructions:

- Make a small cut at the ends of both the tube and the piping bag
- Insert the piping tip into the piping bag
- Allow for 2 days in order for the cream to be thoroughly dry
- Wash out the tip for future usage


- Do not put under direct sunlight during the drying process

Volume: 50 gram

- Please do not purchase this item if your climate is at below -0 degrees, this item will freeze.


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