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Silicon Whipped Cream 50ml Tube Fake Frosting (Free 3 piping tips)

These deco cream are best used on hard cases or surfaces, and you can use to decorate mobile cases, photo frames, containers and more.
Besides using them as decorative cream, they can also be use as part of a charm, to create the realistic whip cream effect.

Though they do not hold as much details nor dried as rubbery as silicone, they are as close as silicone yet non-toxic!

Usage instructions:

- Just unscrew the cap, screw on the tip and apply on any surface you desire
- Allow for 48 hours in order for the sauce to be thoroughly dry
-Screw back the cap tightly after usage
- Wash out the tip for future usage

Volume: 50ml

- Please do not purchase this item if your climate is at below -0 degrees, this item will freeze.


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